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The Babycele On-The-Go feeding bottle is great for helping us, busy parents who are always out and about and when two hands are just not enough. Ideal for using in your car, shopping trolley or stroller. Upright feeding is recommended for babies who suffer with colic and reflux, to help ease their discomfort and reduce the intake of air. Also idea for parent of multiple babies

Hands-free baby bottle ideal for use in care, pram and shopping cart.
Ideal for infants with colic & reflux. 
Helps prevent ear infections.
Great item for feeding twins and multiple babies.
Upright feeding can reduce air intake. 
Infants must not be bottle-fed without adult supervision. Do not use as a pacifier. Take away from baby once feeding is finished. Do not allow infant to lie horizontal when using this bottle. Works best with teat provided other teat may have air vents that can prevent suction. Ensure all parts are fully assembled correctly before giving to baby. Before each use inspect product and discard at first sign of damage or weakness.

Paediatricians advise feeding your baby in an upright position to reduce the occurrence and effects of colic, reflux and ear infections. The revolutionary On-The-Go Feeding bottle makes this practice very simple. The bottle delivers a smooth flow of liquid, as the liquid is drawn from the bottom of the bottle and therefore less air intake helps to reduce the gas build up which can lead to problems like Colic. Using upright feeding will also help prevent liquids from pooling at the back of the throat and spilling into the immature Eustachian tube, which could cause ear infections.

When giving to your baby initially, using clean hands pump the liquid from the bottom of the bottle into the teat by depressing the teat to act as the pump. 


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